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1º Special Offer. Groups of friends. Via ferrata with a full moon ( all included)

Canyoning in Sima del Diablo + Vía ferrata Benalauría at night + Accommodation (3 of July, 1 and 29 of August)  Price: 59€/person

2º Special Offer Canyoning + Accommodation, groups of friends Canyoning in Sima del Diablo + accommodation Price: 49€/person

3º Special Offer Canyoning + Vía ferrata, groups of friends Canyoning in Sima del Diablo + Vía ferrata  Price: 49€/person

4º Special Offer Canyoning + Paella, groups of friends  Canyoning in Sima del Diablo+Paella+drink+salad and dessert  Price: 45€/person

(The Offer is valid for already formed groups. Minimum 12 persons)

All included (new safety equipment for Canyoning and vias ferratas and accident insurance)+ photograph report.

See the article and photos of the previous group:

Pack of Vías Ferratas

1 Vía Ferrata del Tajo de Ronda.   30€/person

(Groups from 8 to 12  = 30€/pers     Groups from 4 to 7 = 35€/pers)

2 Vías  Ferrata del Tajo de Ronda 1ª +  Ferrata del Tajo 2ª:   35€/person

35€/participant ( from 8 to 12  par.)  40€/participant ( from 4 to 7 par.)

Pack of Canyoning + Vías Ferratas


Canyoning in Sima del Diablo + via ferrata del Tajo  59€/person

(Groups from 8 to 12  = 59€/pers     Groups from 4 to 7 = 69€/pers)

Special weekend offers and Adventure Packs + Accommodation!!

  • 2 activities ( ferrata Tajo1 + ferrata Tajo 2)          New!!
  • Accomodation: €/person  ( Breakfast included) Hoste in the center of Ronda (tapas´ zone): € /person
  • 1 activity (canyoning)  

: €/person  (Breakfast included)

Hostel in the center of Ronda  (tapas´zone):  € /person

  • 2 activities (canyoning+Vía ferrata)

Accommodation: €/person (Breakfast included)

Hostel in the center of Ronda (tapas´zone): € /person

Offers for via ferrata activities with a group of friends, minimum of 8 and 9 participants in canyoning, accommodation in a double room.

The combined activity (canyoning + via ferrata) the price is for a group of 8 participants. We make the groups to complete them.

In the activity of Via ferrata Tajo, the minimum group is 8 participants. We make the groups to complete them.


  • Canyoning for beginners:   Only 35€/participants

  • Canyoning + accommodation:   Only 49€/participants

(Groups of 15 participants)


Weekend getaways:    Special offers in Ski classes + Accommodation


2 pupils: 90€/pupil  

Included: Mountain guide, insurances, boots, skies, sticks, blades.

More information:   Contact Form

(The Offer is valid in low season)

Offer in Mounting´s courses.


Enjoy with the experts of Al Andalus Activa with our offers of the month that without any doubt will left you stunned.

30% discount in evening schedule, 15% discount in season with promotions.

Ofertas y descuentos en horarios especiales :

Offers in classes( 14:00 a 17:00)+30% discount 
   3 hours: 85€   3 hours: 95€3 hours: 105€   3 hours: 115€